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Sensor maintenance during the ACO-8 cruise (5/28-6/2/2021): the BSP-5 with CTD4 and CAM2 with lights were installed.

Deployment Cruise (2011)

The 2011 ACO deployment cruise was an eventful expedition that had the excitement and drama of a Hollywood movie. The cruise began on May 20th, 2011 aboard the University of Hawaii research vessel, R/V Kilo Moana. Twelve days of the eighteen day cruise were allocated to the deployment of the ACO and four days allocated to a Ka'ena Ridge survey.

Practically every second of the twelve days allotted to the ACO were used (see timeline of ACO events below). Much of the time was spent trying to solve extreme and unexpected challenges, mainly associated with the configuration (from shore) of the sea cable. The Junction Box, JBOX for short, (which converts fiber-optic communication signals to electrical Ethernet between the Observatory and the cable termination) had to be lowered and brought back to the ship multiple times to try different configurations that would match the sea cable.

It wasn't until the final Jason dive (nine hours before the ship had to return to Honolulu) that the ACO "saw light." This tremendous achievement was the result of outstanding performance and professionalism by personnel at sea and on shore.

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