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ACO Streaming Audio and Streaming Audio with Spectrograph are currently down until further notice.

The ACO Real-time data display will be down for network maintenance on June 27, 2017.

New ACO instruments were installed during the ACO-3 cruise on 2014/11/01. Click here for ACO-3 videos.

Earlier Deployments

Fred Duennebier, David Harris, James Jolly. "Phase 2 Installation Cruise Preliminary Report"

Press Release. "New ocean bottom observatory successfully deployed off Hawaii"

Cruise Plans and Reports

Deployment Cruise 2015

   2015 Cruise Plan    2015 Cruise Report

Deployment Cruise 2014

   2014 Cruise Plan    2014 Cruise Report

Deployment Cruise 2011

   2011 Cruise Plan    2011 Cruise Report