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Sensor maintenance during the ACO-8 cruise (5/28-6/2/2021): the BSP-5 with CTD4 and CAM2 with lights were installed.

Ships Crew:(20)

Rick Meyer, Master
Eric Schoenberg, Chief Mate
Christian Berg-Hansen, 2nd Mate
Jim Scancella, 3rd Mate
Brian Snelson, AB
Lawson Worrell, AB
Justin Nesbitt, AB
Chris Altieri, AB
George Schuck, AB
Frank Zellin, AB
Joe Heise, Chief Engineer
Ted Kane, 1st Engineer
Travis Sousa, 2nd Engineer
Raymond Schaefer, 3rd Engineer
Damien Casken, QMED
Robert McDonough, QMED
Darrell Bennett, QMED
Shawn Lindenmuth, Chief Cook
Manny Camacho, Cook
Karsten Murray, Steward Assistant

Science Party: (24)

Member Affiliation Title
Alison Andrews UH/ACO Intern
Grant Blackinton UH/ACO Engineer
Cameron Fumar UH/ACO Research Associate
David Hashisaka UH/ACO Technician
Bruce Howe UH/ACO Chief Scientist, Professor
Roger Lukas UH/ACO Scientist, Professor
Jefrey Snyder UH/ACO Engineer
John Yeh UH/ACO Technician
Deborah Eason UH/Ka'ena Postdoctoral Researcher
Doug Pyle UH/Ka'ena Assistant Specialist
John Sinton UH/Ka'ena Scientist, Professor
Mary Tardona UH/Ka'ena Graduate Student
Casey Agee WHOI/Jason Navigator
Scott Hansen WHOI/Jason Pilot
Matt Heintz WHOI/Jason Expedition Leader, Pilot (Research Engineer)
Baxter Hutchinson WHOI/Jason Engineer (Engineer Assistant I)
Jonathon Miller WHOI/Jason Engineer
James Pelowski WHOI/Jason Data Manager
Hugh Popenoe WHOI/Jason Navigator (Engineer II)
Akel Sterling WHOI/Jason Pilot
Korey Verhein WHOI/Jason Navigator (Engineer Assitant II)
Dave Walter WHOI/Jason Engineer (Deep Submergence Vehicle Pilot)
Vic Polidoro OTG Technician
Trevor Young OTG Technician


AB: Able Seaman

QMED: Qualified Member of the Engine Department

UH: University of Hawaii

WHOI: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

OTG: Ocean Technology Group