Hawaii Ocean Time-Series (HOT)

The Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) aims to document, understand, and describe the physics and biogeochemistry of Station ALOHA. Through research on monthly HOT cruises and analysis on land and sea, these objectives have been pursued for over twenty years. Of particular importance is the documentation of variation over time in both physical and biogeochemical characteristics - such as temperature and primary production - of the ocean and its role in the earth's climate. Consistent and long-term data are crucial in finding any trends or inconsistencies.

The HOT project has collected over 870,00 liters of water and has engaged over 200 graduate, undergraduate, and high school students on HOT cruises.

More than 150 scientific publications have been produced directly by HOT and online data availability continuously provides scientists around the world much needed information for numerical model simulations and comparisons.

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